Stage Door, Inc.’s Protégé Players Youth Company is an award-winning children’s theatre program. SDI is excited to announce the auditions for the 2nd show of the 2021 season and the entry into the 25th annual Texas Non-Profit Theatres Youth Conference. The Hobbit by Patricia Gray, based on the classic novel by J.R.R Tolkien!

Auditions will be held at

Eagle Pointe Rec Center

12450 Eagle Pointe Dr.

Mont Belvieu, Tx 77523

Stage Door Inc. Center for Performing Arts and Education, is only casting 25 students in this show due to the protocol adopted by the board of directors to make sure we are practicing all the regulations to deal with covid-19, and the fact that this show will tour to youth conference in Bastrop, Tx in June 2021.


 Ages : 12 to 18 (graduating Senior class of 2020) .


Please come prepared with a one one-minute fantasy monologue.

The auditions will also consist of cold readings from the script. 

Please be dressed appropriately for movement as this includes a lot of fight choreography.

Also it is requested that you please bring a head-shot and resume.


Protégé Directing Staff is requesting come to audition with any and all conflicts ready to write down.


Please if you plan to audition please go fill out the online audition form.

Rehearsals Begin

Saturday, March 27th at 12pm to 4pm and are every Saturday

**there will be some Saturdays that will not meet or time changes** 

Dress Rehearsals: 

Monday - Wednesday May 24, 25, 26, 2021

5pm to 8pm

**there will be no conflicts allowed during tech week** 


Weekends May 27-29, 2021 & June 3-5, 2021


**there will be no conflicts allowed during performances** 

Tuition $325 (plus $100 TNT CONFERENCE REGISTRATION)



Character Breakdown

Bilbo Baggins Hobbit: the protagonist of the story. Often torn between his love of the comforts of home and his desire for adventure. He is respectable, loyal, cautious, old-fashioned, somewhat formal in his speech and often nervous. The story reveals his personal discoveries of bravery and friendship.

Gandalf Wizard: teacher, mentor, and protector of Bilbo; directs the dwarves’ expedition to reclaim their treasure from Smaug.

Thorin: The leader of the dwarves; strong, ambitious, courageous, a warrior.

Balin, Dwalin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori, Ori, Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin: the other twelve dwarves who go with Thorin, Gandalf, and Bilbo on the long journey. Some are brothers, some are younger, some older. All are passionate about the journey, ready to fight and are loyal to each other.

Bert, Tom, and Essie: Trolls, crude and rude, they capture the dwarves to roast and eat them.

Great Goblin and the Goblin Warriors: Ugly, wicked creatures who live in a cave in the Misty Mountains. They capture Bilbo and the dwarves. They engage in a losing battle with Gandalf and Thorin.

Gollum: The slimy creature who guards the mouth of the cave. He talks to himself and challenges Bilbo to twisted game of word puzzles in exchange for information and freedom.

Elf Queen and her Attendants: Queen of the elves who imprisons Thorin and the other dwarves in her dungeon, from which they are rescued by Bilbo. Beautiful, strong and ready for battle.

Smaug: The dragon who lives underground in the Lonely Mountain, where he keeps watch over the treasure hoard that rightfully belongs to Thorin. Big voice, huge presence, scary and threatening.

If your child would like to get involved but don't want to be on-stage? Stage Door Inc. is always looking for a student eager to help BACKSTAGE during production (as stage managers, crew, light or sound techs, prop-masters, etc.). Sound interesting? Come to auditions and talk to the director he can be emailed at marcanthony@stagedoorinc.org .

For more information about the theatre or the auditions please visit the website at www.stagedoorinc.org